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Ademas del envio de RSS, usted puede también darse de altaen nuestra lista de envío.

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Las listas de envío de Kaspersky Lab le mantendrán al día con información sobre nuestros productos, programas de marketing y pruebas comparativas más recientes.


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Would you like to know about new virus descriptions, Analyst's Diary postings, news and more in real-time? offers a wide range of XML feeds in RSS format for individual readers and webmasters. Most of the feeds pull the 10 most recent items in each category.

Please note that many feeds intersect: we hope that you'll find the feeds that fit your requirements precisely. News, for instance, is available in one general feed or separated into topics. RSS Feeds

A complete list of our RSS feeds is available in OPML format. You can also choose the feeds that interest you from the detailed list below.

  1. virus activity is normal or if there is an informational alert posted
  2. at least one yellow alert is posted
  3. at least one red alert is posted RSS Feeds

Would you like to know the latest product news from Kaspersky Lab? Or about what's new at Kaspersky Lab? You can sign up for news from the Kaspersky Lab site here:

JavaScript Informers

In addition to RSS feeds, you can also import our information by using our JavaScript informers. You can find more detailed information about the Informer service on the Kaspersky Lab corporate site.


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